6 Ways to Grow More Traffic to Your Website

Promote Your Website With a Professional and on Social Media Platforms 1. Facebook Facebook is a powerful tool increase your traffic. Join groups and engage in discussion, support, and promote your posts. Create a page for your blog. Create a group for bloggers with the same niche. 2. Instagram Make a business account or turnContinue reading “6 Ways to Grow More Traffic to Your Website”

Bluehost is Best For Beginners

Why BlueHost? Bluehost is a successful quality host provider with a secure, reliable performance, and affordable price. It is the recommended hosting provider by WordPress with millions of websites hosting. Are you starting to blog? Bluehost is the perfect package that best fits a beginner. I know what it is like to start a blog and don’tContinue reading “Bluehost is Best For Beginners”

Pink and Blue Preset

Transform your regular night shot to a dystopian pink and blue tone using your phone! Learn how to do it in three simple steps. Let’s get started! Tip: This Preset works best on a night shot. Getting Started On this tutorial, let us use the landscape mode over the portrait mode. Step: One First thingContinue reading “Pink and Blue Preset”

Red and Orange Preset

An instagram theme with strong vibrance could be enticing. High contrast and high saturation showing off the vivid colors of red and orange. See how I did it on my photos in Korea. Let’s get started! Tip: Pay attention to the subject of your photo. This preset works best on a photo with dominant colorsContinue reading “Red and Orange Preset”

Soft Tan Preset

You might want a low saturated and a low contrast vibe for your photos on instagram. Like #FeedGoals isn’t it? So how do we turn a regular photo into a Soft Tan look on Lightroom Mobile? Let’s get started! Tip: This preset works best on a monochromatic photo. It means that the subject in yourContinue reading “Soft Tan Preset”