6 Ways to Grow More Traffic to Your Website

Promote Your Website With a Professional and on Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool increase your traffic.

  • Join groups and engage in discussion, support, and promote your posts.
  • Create a page for your blog.
  • Create a group for bloggers with the same niche.

2. Instagram

  • Make a business account or turn your personal account to a business account. A business account have features that helps you to see your insights and manage your account accordingly.
  • Promote your post as an ad. This links to a facebook page. So if you already have a facebook page it will be easier.
  • Boost your instagram followers organically. An account with 10k+ followers, it will enable you to share links to your stories and promote each blog post.
  • Use hashtags to be discoverable, and connect with different bloggers across the globe and support them as well.
  • Provide your link on your instagram bio. Someone will be interested on clicking your link.

3. Fiverr

Step your game up by hiring a professional with Fiverr.

  • Search gigs that “Increase Website Traffic“. There are multiple ways professionals use to increase your traffic; SEO Analysis, Podcast Promotion, etc.
  • Always check for good reviews and offers to start working.

4. Youtube

  • Make videos/tutorials on youtube and link it to your blog. You can also link your blog to your youtube video.
  • The more subscribers, the more chances you make higher traffic.

5. Pinterest

  • Make eye catching photo and attach your link to the photo.
  • Pin your posts to similar boards.
  • Create more boards with your post in it.
  • Work with Google Analytics to manage your account.

6. Quora

  • Take the opportunity to answer questions that relate to your blog and link your blog post for more information.

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