Pink and Blue Preset

Transform your regular night shot to a dystopian pink and blue tone using your phone! Learn how to do it in three simple steps. Let’s get started!


This Preset works best on a night shot.

Getting Started

On this tutorial, let us use the landscape mode over the portrait mode.

Step: One

First thing you want to edit is the Light.


Step: Two

Go to Effect (yellow arrow)) and edit on Split Toning (red arrow).

On Split Toning, edit the Highlights and Shadows.

(H) stands for Hue, which you can edit from left to right. From left to right, digits go higher.

(S) stands for Saturation, which you can edit from top to bottom. From top to bottom, digits go lower.

Follow the digits on (H) and (S) (red checks) accordingly.


Lastly, adjust the Balance.

Step: Three

For the final look, adjust the Vignette on the Effect.

Now you are all done!


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