Red and Orange Preset

An instagram theme with strong vibrance could be enticing. High contrast and high saturation showing off the vivid colors of red and orange. See how I did it on my photos in Korea. Let’s get started!


Pay attention to the subject of your photo. This preset works best on a photo with dominant colors of red, orange, and black to achieve this perfectly.

Getting Started

On this tutorial, let us use the landscape mode over the portrait mode.


Step: One

First thing you want to edit is the Light.

Step: Two

Adjust your Color.

Note: This could vary from photo to photo. You could always adjust it to your preferred look.


Lastly, remove unwanted color/s that may interfere on achieving a perfect red and orange look.

Step: Three

Enhance your photo with the Detail.

On a Different Perspective

Since every photo has unique and different color dominance, let us use another photo to manipulate the colors.

Step: One

In this photo, the Highlights and Whites on the Light section was changed to emphasize detail without too much brightness. Hence, the Exposure, Contrast, and Blacks remain unchanged.

Step: Two

Since, Red is dominant in this photo, Luminance was changed to emphasize the depth.

Low saturation Orange, will make the Red stand out on the photo.


Step: Three

Enhance your photo with the Effects.

Step: Four

Create a Preset. A Preset will enable you to skip step 1 to 3 the next time you have a photo to edit with the exact adjustments. However, a Preset is adjustable. You could always adjust the Light, Color, etc. to your preferred look.

First, click the three dots on the upper right corner. (red arrow)

Second, click the Create Preset. (yellow arrow)

Third, name the Preset.


How to locate the Preset you created?

Now you are all done!

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